Understanding CRNA Malpractice 101

I was in the process of writing out a comprehensive article when a friend of mine sent me this information directly from the AANA website. Thank you, AANA, for saving me a TON of time trying to explain how malpractice insurance works. Taken directly from the site verbatim (http://www.aana.com/myaana/insuranceresources/Pages/Understanding-CRNA-Malpractice-101-for-Members-.aspx) Whether you buy your own malpractice … More Understanding CRNA Malpractice 101

My 2017 Objectives

I’ve always found that making a list of professional objectives I wanted to complete during the year to be a great way to remain focused and goal-oriented. Too often, I’ve seen colleagues, both new and old, get burned out and believe me, it’s really easy to get yourself in a rut in anesthesia. That’s why I’ve … More My 2017 Objectives

Office Based Anesthesia: An Entirely Different Animal

I’ve been meaning to post my initial thoughts about providing anesthesia in a medical office as I’ve started to move into this arena several months ago. Again, I’ve been a full-fledged CRNA for 2 years now and I’ve been very interested with moonlighting in as many different settings as I can find just because I find … More Office Based Anesthesia: An Entirely Different Animal