CRNA Finances

I imagine that this category will probably be of most interest to whoever is interested in pursuing a career in nurse anesthesia, seeing as how it was ranked as high as #2 on Forbes’ list of the top 25 Master’s degrees with the highest salary potential. Not a bad place to be for a 2 year graduate degree; though for those of you who have yet to be on this path, just know that many programs are beginning their transition to a 3 year doctorate of nursing practice (DNP) or nurse anesthesia practice (DNAP). What’s the difference? Well, that’ll be addressed in a different post.

In any case, listed in this category will be information on salary and how I go about general finance know-how (or rather, not know-how). My portfolio is a work in progress and by no means am I an expert nor do I really know what the hell I’m doing. That said, I do enjoy researching personal finance and love acquiring knowledge on how best to maximize my finances, which again, to the trolls of the internet, I imagine I am nowhere near optimizing my earnings.

So take a look, ask your questions, post your insults, or whatever it is you’d like.