While I’ve created multiple websites in the past with a specific intent, this is the first one that will have a sprawled out focus. The last few years of my life have been interesting (that is to say boring to most) and I’m not entirely sure where and how this blog will unfold.

I’m a new grad certified registered nurse anesthetist who works at an academic medical center in a major metropolitan city. I also moonlight in numerous private practice settings. My thoughts surrounding the anesthesia care team model and independent practice are conflicting and contradictory, but always evolving (for the better, but that remains to be seen).

While this site will cover a number of topics that will seem unrelated, I guess the purpose of putting this site up is twofold: (1) for me to document what my life has been like trying to get into nurse anesthesia, what school/clinical was like, what my first year as a CRNA was like and (2) perhaps to provide a template for those interested in pursuing this field and for you to see if this is something you’re interested in.

In the process of creating this, I’ll also be covering ancillary (and by ancillary, I mean primary as it’s currently been my latest obsession) topics such as managing your finances during and after school.

Did I mention that this site is going to be a sprawling mess? Hopefully, I’ll be able to do a decent enough job of organizing my thought process and of course, for anyone reading, I’d love to hear your thoughts, critiques or questions about my experience and about this site in general.